People often enter psychotherapy when they have some issue
or feeling they feel unable to deal with. One can feel inexplicably bad.
Fatigue and depression can be frequent visitors or even inhabitants in your life.
Heavy feeling, irritability, and anger can also be signs that you might benefit from therapy.
Problems in relationships, in particular, often evoke all sorts of difficult feelings.
In psychotherapy, we address issues you want to bring forth.
Psychotherapy is based on discussion.
Psychotherapy provides you with place, time, space
and permission to reflect yourself and your life.
In my therapy room you can be just as you are.
With no pressure. With me you can, safely and in confidence,
face things you might have been unwilling or unable to deal with before.
Having worked with trauma survivors I know that processing severe traumas,
in most cases, takes time.

During therapy, my task is to walk with you.