Mervi Viljanen, officially

Psychotherapist licensed by Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health)
and approved by KELA (the Social Insurance Institution).
My education focused specifically on traumas and crises.
Sensorimotor psychotherapy, level II (
Structural dissociative disorder

Supervisor and counsellor
Workplace mediator
Sexual counsellor

Substance abuse, criminalized sexuality, torture,
loss or imminent death of a close friend or relative, own imminent death,
NDE = Near Death Experiences, sexual diversity and multicultural issues are some areas of specialty I have attended to professionally.
In addition to these particular areas, I have encountered vast amount of other challenges of human life during my professional life.
I have worked full-time as a therapist for over 10 years.
A considerable portion of my clients come from foreign countries.