Workplace Mediation

Conflicts in workplace provide opportunities for learning.
During conflicts, external impartial mediator can have an essential role
in allowing people to focus on what is relevant - their work. Workplace mediation is fast and effective science-based tool for resolving conflicts in workplace.
It aims to negotiate conflicts, increase employees’ communicational skills,
restore peace and improve atmosphere in the workplace.
Mediation serves as a preventive measure as well by virtue of improving overall conflict management skills.
Mediator does not resolve disagreements on behalf of the parties but facilitates their agreement.
Mediator steers the process that ends with the parties themselves finding a solution.
The task of the mediator is to make sure that all parties will be heard
and to create an atmosphere that allows emotional processing, moral reflection, and discussion of values.
If parties cannot commit themselves to any common solution,
mediation is not the right tool and other means by the employer are required.
All parties should be made aware of these means before beginning mediation.